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Project:  Legal research and article writing

How to File for Bankruptcy

Abstract:  Are you struggling to pay the mortgage, car payments, credit card debt, wondering how you will manage in the upcoming days or weeks? Bankruptcy very well could be a viable option for you.  While bankruptcy may not solve all of your financial distress, it can relieve your burden. A lawyer will be able to guide you in the proper direction as well has handle the more difficult aspects of bankruptcy.

How to Find a Divorce Lawyer

Abstract:  Ending a marriage can be a difficult and confusing time.  Taking the proper steps by finding the right Divorce Attorney can help make the transition a little less difficult.

Eviction, Eviction Notices and Your Rights

Abstract:  You have been served an eviction notice. What should you do?  The first thing you should know is that this is just the beginning of the process. An eviction notice is a document informing you of the fact that you are being asked to vacate the premises you now occupy. You do not have to leave immediately or possibly at all if it is a matter that can be discussed and resolved with the landlord.  In same cases, you may need the help of an attorney.


Project: Firsthand experiences dealing with a partner with erectile dysfunction

When ED Holds Everyone Hostage

Abstract: Erectile Dysfunction can have devastating effects on a mans’s self-esteem and mental health. Partners of men with ED need to understand these impacts, as well as the effects on their own sense of self-worth. The key to dealing with ED is honest and supportive communication.


Project:  Legal research and article writing

Understanding What Copyright Means

Abstract:  As any writer, artist, web designer, musician or person that creates something can attest to, it is frustrating to see something they have poured their soul into be taken and used without their consent.  A copyright in plain language gives you the legal means to protect your work. A copyright defines what you have created as personal property.

Copyright Myths

Abstract:  Copyrighting can be very misunderstood and is often twisted to suit one’s own personal needs. There are myths and various misunderstandings regarding copyrighting that are fairly common and need to be clarified. The following is a list of some of the most frequent myths that surround copyrighting.

Fair Use

Abstract:  Fair use is not always something that can be clearly defined. Fair use says you may borrow a small portion of someone’s content without their consent, but only if you stay within the specific bounds of the law. The law was created to be expansive and not have a limited definition; because of this, it is a very fine line to walk when one starts to borrow content or expand on it without the original owner’s consent.


Project:  Article writing

What’s the Difference Between a Coach, a Mentor, and a Therapist?

Abstract: I am a Relationship Coach. I help people to create outcomes for themselves by setting goals, intentions, and accountability. Coaching is action-based and focused on the future.


Project:  Personal travel stories from the California Redwoods – multiple pages

Avenue of the Giants – the Magic of the Redwoods

Avenue of the Giants – Attractions

Abstract:  Information, personal impressions, and photographs from California’s famed Avenue of the Giants.


Project:  Research and web content writing

Abstract:  Background, attractions and historical information for several North American “Chinatowns.”


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