My services include:


Working from your outline and information, I can write easy to read, professional quality content for your website.

Copy Editing

If you already have content for your web pages, I can edit and “clean up” to text to improve readability and correct grammar and spelling errors.

Content Research and Article Writing (General and Legal)

I can research specific topics and write custom articles for your site.

When I research legal topics, the resulting article is for informational purposes only. I am not qualified or licensed to provide legal advice.


Unless otherwise arranged, final content will be provided to you in Microsoft Word files.

I usually bill by the hour, and there is an additional charge for researching and writing on legal topics (where the research is more complex, and extra care is required).  If you prefer, we can discuss your project in advance, and I can provide a fixed-price quote.

I require a down payment on all projects.  I will provide a final invoice when the project is complete, and the balance is due at that time.

I do not provide html coding, keyword analysis, link building or other SEO services, but I can provide referrals if you need these things.

If you have questions, or you’d like to talk about a project, please use my Contact Form to contact me.